Phoenix’s VR Arcades See Steady Growth but Revenue Remains a Problem

Virtual reality arcades are slowly popping up all over the world. In Phoenix, we now have four VR arcades, which is rather impressive. This is a great way for people to explore VR without paying hundreds of dollars to do so. Especially younger players have taken a liking to these arcades as of right now.

VR Arcades in Phoenix

Although it is evident VR arcades have a lot of merit, their viability is still in question. Most of these locations make heavy investments in VR technology to bring this technology to the masses. More specifically, every arcade needs a few different headsets and the additional hardware to power it up as well. In Phoenix, the four VR arcades in the metro area have seen their fair share of success recently.

With the costs of VR headsets remaining steep, it is evident these cheaper options will be of great interest. It allows users to experience VR at a cheaper price, although only during a limited amount of time. This nascent industry caters to consumer son the lookout for new experiences altogether. Although there is plenty of room for future growth in this regard, things are slowly coming together as we speak.  Other regions around the world also see an influx of VR arcades recently, which is a positive trend overall.

What is rather remarkable is how young people take a strong liking to VR arcades. Although this is not really a surprise, it is still interesting to see how things evolve in this regard. Unlike a regular gaming arcade, the VR counterparts are a lot more tranquil. This is mainly due to the wearing of headsets and a lack of bright lights. Instead, all one hears are the squeals of joy and excitement from the players themselves.

Whether or not VR arcades are a viable long-term business model, is a different matter altogether. While most locations in Phoenix see steady growth, it is evident things may grind to a halt at some point. Even so, the numbers are still positive and none of the locations struggle to make a profit. Even so, making a solid amount of profit is a different matter altogether. Some of the games come with steep licensing fees, which is anything but a positive trend.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.