Hyatt Group Turns to VR to Hire up to 10000 Young Workers

Finding the right use cases for virtual reality technology remains an ongoing struggle. Hyatt, the global hotel chain, has come up with a potential solution. The chain is looking to hire up to 10000 young workers. To make the selection process a lot easier, the company will work with RiseHY and its VR technology.

Virtual Reality for Hyatt Hirings

It is commendable to see more and more companies rely on virtual reality to hire potential employees. Although it remains to be seen if such ventures can be successful in the long run, Hyatt thinks now is the time to experiment with the possibility. Its RiseHY community-hiring program uses virtual reality and gaming technology to make more young people excited about working in the hospitality industry.


For now, the Hyatt hotel group will hire 10,000 young workers to fill important roles in their hotel locations. People ages 18 to 24 are eligible for this job, assuming they are neither in school nor actively working. This round of hiring will complete by 2025 at the latest. With nearly 5 million youths to choose from at current rates, filling the job openings should not be problematic.

Hyatt Group’s spokespeople explain this as follows:

“This program is a labor of love. Part philanthropy and part talent development, RiseHY was designed to support the community while helping Hyatt fill its talent pipeline. This is a pool of untapped talent who have skills and ambition. They could be a great fit for our organization.”

While it is true this new venture raises a lot of eyebrows, its potential cannot be denied. Hyatt is looking to give unemployed youth a fair chance to make something of their life at that difficult age. Using virtual reality to make them acquainted with the job offering and how they should go about fulfilling their role will only lower the barriers to entry even further.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.