Is it Possible to Achieve a Relaxed State in Virtual Reality?

Any virtual reality gadget that comes to market will face a fair bit of scrutiny. Even though these products can offer a lot of benefits, they are targeting a very niche market first and foremost. The Intellisense Mindfulness Trainer is a very interesting creature. Making meditation easier and more affordable through VR is a business model worth exploring further.

Meditating in VR Makes a lot of Sense

It is very difficult for consumers to effectively relax in this day and age of stress, digitization, and performance expectations. There are so many impulses users need to take into account, and they aren’t even aware of how of them most of the time. A piece of mind is more than welcome, yet it is incredibly difficult to achieve. With the help of virtual reality, that may become a different matter fairly soon.

Intellisense Mindfulness Trainer is one of the first affordable gadgets to help achieve this goal in virtual reality. It utilizes virtual reality and heart rate variability to help people achieve relaxation. As such, the unit comes with an ear-clip heart rate sensor, and a small rectangular device which is the IntelliSense itself. ¬†Once the heart rate monitor is clipped to one’s ear, it will begin monitoring the user’s heart rate automatically until removed.

One thing to keep in mind is how this is a VR gadget. That means it does not come with a VR headset, although the gadget’s native app works fine with the cheaper mobile VR headsets on the market. As long as the unit supports either iOS or Android, there will not be any major problems. Users can distinguish between different VR scenes to begin medicating accordingly.

On paper, this gadget will seemingly offer users exactly what they are looking for. Combining virtual reality with heart rate monitoring and relaxation makes a lot of sense. It is a powerful business model, although one’s individual mileage will always vary. This is still a relatively new market, and the long-term benefits of virtual reality on the human psyche have not been properly researched at this stage.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.

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