Microsoft Brings its Business-Oriented SharePoint Tool to Virtual Reality

Microsoft has high expectations for both virtual and augmented reality. As of right now, the technology giant mainly focuses on improving overall productivity in these immersive environments. The SharePoint work environments will be coming to VR headsets in the very near future.

SharePoint Gets a VR and AR Update

Considering Microsoft’s position in the Mixed Reality industry, it is only normal the company enables additional functionality in its native applications. SharePoint received a big overhaul two years ago to compete with the likes of Slack and Dropbox. The company is now taking things one step further by offering this business-oriented software to VR headset owners.

More specifically, SharePoint is a very popular tool among business users. Companies use it to organize documents, build intranet portals, and manage content. Over 400,000 organizations use this tool at this time. The upgrade to VR functionality is still a somewhat surprising decision. At the same time, Sharepoint spaces are designed to be immersive first and foremost, thus it makes sense to embark on this particular mission.

By bringing SharePoint to virtual reality, the technology giant hopes companies will use it for other use cases. This may include onboarding new employees, training courses, and even future product development. It may certainly impact the concept of orientation processes, assuming there is enough interest in exploring SharePoint in VR.

It is good to see more productivity software make its way to virtual reality headsets. Although this technology is primarily used for entertainment purposes, there are a lot of other use cases as well. For now, it seems Microsoft is testing the waters with this SharePoint upgrade first and foremost. If successful, more business-focused tools may make their way to VR, AR, and mixed reality.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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