Motherlode Brings Sexual Education to VR in a Three-part Series

Virtual reality can serve many different purposes in life. Some people use it for entertainment purposes, whereas others see it as a training tool. Slowly but surely, the educational aspect is gaining more traction. Motherlode’s Pillow Talk is bringing sex education to VR headsets in the future.

Sex Education VR Makes Sense

Despite the evolution of our society, sexual education is at an all-time low in the modern era. It is a topic rarely touched upon in schools, and parents seemingly spend less time explaining these things to their kids as well. Moreover, some US states don’t even require this form of education to be medically accurate, which raises a lot of questions. As such, young adults often turn to adult content to learn about sex, which is not necessarily the most reliable source of information.

Thankfully, this is all coming to change with the help of virtual reality technology. Lube River is the first part of a three-chapter VR experience exploring sexual education. It is created by Motherlode, a company focuses on interactive 3D, Ar, and VR design. It is evident VR can play a big role in terms of education, regardless of topic. For sexual education, it may even be the best option moving forward.

Motherlode explains the creation of Lube River as follows:

“Lube River is the first chapter of Pillow Talk, which will premiere on June 3rd at Babeland (the Soho location). This chapter will focus on masturbation and pleasure. In Lube River, you are a sex-plorer on a journey down Lube River. The goal is to collect and learn about different sex toys that we sourced from companies whose values and visions align with our own. All the companies we are working with are female-run, and the toys we feature are designed for people of all sexual and gender identities.”

Virtual reality offers a few significant advantages when it comes to sexual education. It makes everyone an active participant, which is of the utmost importance when touching upon sensitive topics. Moreover, approaching the matter from a personal perspective makes the experience more engaging and worthwhile. It is a remarkable decision by Motherlode, but one that may benefit our society as a whole.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.