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Firewall: Zero Hour Preview – Huge Potential if the Developers can Deliver

There are quite a few VR games well worth looking forward to. So far, the offerings have been a mixed bag of great fun and utter disappointment. Firewall: Zero Hour, an upcoming VR title, is almost as if playing Rainbow Six in virtual reality. An interesting development that will entice a lot of gamers.

Firewall: Zero Hour has to Deliver

Although the single-player mode of this particular game is far from finished, the developments by First Contact Entertainment are quite positive. Their first-person shooter for VR is attracting a lot of positive attention already. While most players will focus on the multiplayer 4-on-4 matches, there is quite some depth to this game when it will be released later this year.

Owners of the PlayStation VR will be the only ones who can get their hands on Firewall: Zero Hour. It will support both standard gamepads as well as PSVR Aim controllers, which should lead to some interesting gameplay options.  So far, the early version of this game is pretty impressive, and it draws a lot of similarities to Rainbow Six: Siege. That is not necessarily a bad thing by any means.

Although it remains to be seen how appealing Firewall: Zero Hour will be, the concept seems to gel quite well. With sufficient maps to be released, an ability to upgrade characters, weapons, and equipment, and so much more, there’s plenty to look forward to. It is still not a game for everyone by any means but it is good to see some more AAA-style titles come to VR.

On the immersion front, this game may blow the competition out of the water. By using the PS VR Aim controller, the action becomes a lot more personal and engages players in new ways. Combined with adrenaline-filled gameplay and an interesting concept, this game is definitely on our watchlist.

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