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Primordian Preview – Plenty of Potential Despite a One-man Team

Even though VR games in early access are always subject to some changes, there are some games well worth checking out early. Primordian, for example, is an interesting game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, although it costs $24.99, the visuals of the game alone are more than worth it. However, there are also some issues which need to be resolved, such as the somewhat lackluster gameplay. If the developers can turn the ship around, Primordian will easily become a big hit among VR gamers.

Primordian has a lot of Potential

Utilizing VR technology to its full potential in the gaming industry will not be an easy task. Either the game lacks fun gameplay, a decent story, or the visuals are subpar at best. With Primordian, the graphics look great, the story is decent, and the gameplay still needs some work. It is evident a small nudge in the right direction by the developer will shake things up quite a bit. Then again, there is only one person working on this game, thus we will have to take the good with the bad first and foremost.

So far, Primordian is on the right track to becoming a major VR gaming title. More specifically, there is enough there to turn this game into one of the best games we have seen in the industry. That certainly says a lot, given the one-man team behind this project as of right now. It’s never going to be an AAA title, mind you, but there is a good chance we will see a lot more improvements as far as this title is concerned.

The gameplay itself revolves around killing the many predators found in the Primordian world. That is easier said and then, as the lack of a tutorial makes things slightly awkward at first. Something still feels off after an hour or two of playing the game, but it’s not necessarily annoying in any official capacity. There’s also a slow-motion effect which seems to be triggered randomly. It’s a cool effect, but it can be confusing the first few times around. Enemies prove to be quite challenging to kill, which is something we thoroughly like.

The early access part does mean there are some things missing. For instance, Primordian has no UI whatsoever, which is a bit of a problem. Moreover, it has no real way of moving between locations other than by walking. The inventory seems to work fine, but it could use some more improvements as well. The story is only partially finished, by the look of things, but we expect some big improvements in the near future. It is good to keep an open mind when it comes to Primordian, but for now, there is enough promise to turn this game into a big success. Only time will tell if that can be the case, though.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.