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Out of Ammo Review – A Mediocre FPS/RTS Mix

Out of Ammo has been available to PC versions for quite some time now. Recently, the developers also introduced an ‘updated” version for the PlayStation VR. It is still an interesting, albeit rather mediocre VR first-person shooter, though.  The added RTS elements do make a bit of a difference, but the graphics are still absolutely terrible. The developers also did very little to fix the teleportation-based movement system.  Out of Ammo for the PS VR is available for the price of $17.99

Out of Ammo is Still A Mixed bag

It doesn’t happen all that often we see a proper combination of FPS and RTS in a VR Game. Out of Ammo is a valiant attempt in this regard, even though it is anything but a perfect solution as of right now. The game has some decently realistic weapons and handling the does feel differently, which is a positive sign. Moreover, the game itself is incredibly easy to pick up by both new and veteran VR gamers, which can be considered to be a good thing. Unfortunately, most of these previous issues are still present.

The biggest gripe we have with Out of Ammo is how the movement in the game is based on teleportation. Even though that works quite well for most VR games these days, it is also a big problem when it doesn’t work accurately enough. In this particular game, the movement system can effectively become a big problem more often than not. While we do appreciate the option of getting into the action rather than looking at, it just feels a bit annoying to move around as things only work well half of the time.

Out of Ammo is a game which also focuses strongly on survival. While there is no sense of progressing whatsoever, it is evident your main objective is to beat existing survival times and survive more waves of enemies. Although it sounds like something that gets boring fast, it works surprisingly well in Out of Ammo. Unfortunately, all of the positive gameplay aspects are overshadowed by very basic graphics, which are almost painful to watch at times.

Even though there are some big issues with Out of Ammo – depending on your patience threshold – the gameplay itself is pretty fun when it works properly. There are different missions to complete, and even side missions outside of the survival mode itself. The amount of content in the game is pretty decent, given the replay factor this game has to offer if you’re into that kind of thing. It is evident there are better games in this genre on the PlayStation VR, but Out of ammo is not a complete waste of time either.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.