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Cold Iron Review – Fun Quickdraw Shooter for PS VR Owners

When it comes to COld Iron, we were not too sure what to expect from this game at first. Although the trailer doesn’t look all that impressive, the gameplay itself works surprisingly well. The game mixed some interesting gameplay elements together, even though it’s not necessarily a revolutionary game whatsoever. It does feel fun to play a quickdraw shooter in VR, as very few other games provide such an experience right now.  This game is available for the price of $19.99.

Cold Iron Works Surprisingly Well

It is good to know Cold Iron has some sort of a background story, even though there is nothing unique about it. Your main objective is to avenge your father’s death, which can only be done by beating your opponents in quickdraw battles. As a player, you are transported to different types of scenarios and locations where you must effectively draw your weapon faster than the opponent. Although it sounds like a boring gameplay mechanic, there is a certain degree of tension associated with every single battle.

This also means there is no real movement mechanic in Cold Iron. You literally stand still, draw your weapon, shoot the opponent, and move on. Thankfully, the opponents you face are quite varied and details, including a dryad wizard and a sniper from a future hell. This all happens despite starting off in the Wild Wild West,  mind you, as Cold Iron certainly takes liberties when it comes to gameplay levels and opponents. All of this works surprisingly well, which is a positive sign.

Cold Iron can be played with only one Move controller, which makes it quite appealing.  This controller needs to be tilted down to holster your gun until you are ready to draw your weapon and shoot enemies. As you face multiple enemies in some areas, it will become more difficult to take the standard approach to winning battles. Enemies will also try to distract you, clone themselves, or even teleport across the map to make your life more difficult. Again, another gameplay mechanic which works surprisingly well.

Graphically, Cold Iron is anything but appealing, but it’s not terrible either. It is a simple game to pick up, but one which gets gradually more difficult at the same time. There are also some bonus stages to check out, which offers a different type of gameplay altogether. Even though it’s a rather simple game, the full price is a bit too high in our opinion. If it drops to $10, it’s definitely worth picking up. It has a good story, proper action, and some replay value as well.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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