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Stunt Corgi VR Review – A Delightful Timesink of a Game

When we first got into VR gaming, the last thing we had expected was to see a stunt Corgi. At the same time, the concept alone is more than enough to get a lot of people excited as of right now. Stunt Corgi VR is pretty interesting for many different reasons, as it is one of the more amusing VR games we have played to date. Stunt Corgi VR is available for the HTC Vive for just $14.99. It is definitely worth the money, in our opinion.

Stunt Corgi VR is Surprisingly Fun

This game is very different compared to what most people would expect. More specifically, Stunt Corgi VR tasks you with building the weirdest and most impossible courses for your pet corgi to pass through. All objects to create these whacky courses are available immediately, as you won’t ¬†unlock anything new over time. That is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. In a game like this, it is more of a bonus, in our opinion, even though other people may disagree.

With so many different objects to build courses, the possibilities are virtually limitless in Stunt Corgi VR. More specifically, there are ramps, planks, barrels, teleprinters, cannons, and various effects such as fire, smoke, and sirens. It is evident this game is mainly designed for people who have a creative side as there is no reason this game will not appeal to you whatsoever. It is a timesink of a game, but one most people can easily play for five to ten minutes and then move on to something new entirely.

A sandboxed environment such as the one found in Stunt Corgi VR works surprisingly well. You will need a room-scale playroom to take full advantage of the game, though, as it is effectively your task to walk around the backyard in the game and place objects accordingly. It’s an interesting touch, although one that may make it difficult for some HTC Vive owners to play properly. Since there are no other options but to physically walk around, it can be a bit tricky to get around the course once it’s almost complete.

On the visual front, there is nothing to dislike about Stunt Corgi VR whatsoever. The cartoon environment makes a lot of sense and it works quite well in this game. It is an experience some people will love, and others will think nothing of it in the end. We like the game and can easily warrant paying the full price for it. It’s a video game with hours upon hours upon hours of content, ¬†if you are willing to put your virtual corgi through some of the weirdest obstacle courses in history.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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