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QuiVR Review – Hours of Entertainment and Excellent Gameplay

It is almost surprising to see so few bow-and-arrow-themed VR games in the market right now. Given the immersive aspect of a VR headset, one would expect this game genre to be a lot more popular among developers. With QuiVR, we finally get another game providing us with a bow and arrow experience. Although it is a bit of a wave shooter with a different angle, there are ways for you to move around the levels. QuiVR is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and comes at a price of $19.99.

QuiVR is Surprisingly Entertaining

On paper, it is safe to safe QuiVR mixes fantasy with tower defense and wave shooting all in one. Every level has you defend the gate from incoming waves of enemies. Successfully completing levels allows you to progress through the single-player campaign accordingly. With your main weapons being a bow and arrows, there is plenty of shooting to be done. Thankfully, you also pick up some special abilities to make your life a bit easier.

One thing QuiVR does extremely well is offer a wide variety of enemy types to contend with. Unlike other games in this hybrid genre, the enemy types look and feel very different from one another. This mix of running, flying, fast, slow, and teleporting enemies is enough to keep veteran players on their toes. To top it all off, some enemies shoot lasers, there are healers, and other types of enemies to keep an eye on as well. Having some strategic insight certainly helps when playing QuiVR, and the game is done extremely well in this regard.

Every level has its own gate for you to defend. The environments look different enough to make them seem unique, in our opinion. Moreover, it seems environments and procedurally generated, as we haven’t seen the exact same layout twice so far. After completing a set amount of gates, you get to fight a random boss. There is a lot of content in QuiVR, especially for a game which costs less than $20. All of this is provided through excellent game mechanics and plenty of items to earn and collect. It is a fresh experience every time you boot up the game, even though the core mechanics don’t change all that much.

Even though QuiVR doesn’t have any sort of background, it doesn’t matter too much where this game is concerned. This game is clearly all about gameplay and providing hours upon hours of content. Even though the graphics are mediocre, they do the job well enough to provide an enjoyable experience. Do keep in mind the game is not fully finished yet, and it is likely we will see even more content in the future. For now, QuiVR offers a lot of content for a very modest price. It is extremely fun to play, assuming you have enough space to enjoy the game properly.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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