National Geographic Explores Advertising Opportunities in Programmatic VR

There is a growing need for more original VR content to consume. Not everyone wants to get involved with virtual reality for the gaming aspect. National Geographic, Oath, and 360i are joining forces to focus on programmatic VR. It is a different way of engaging an audience and potentially attracting move investors.

Programmatic VR is the Next Frontier

This new effort by the three companies coincides with Nat Geo’s second season of its “Mars” Series. By tapping into virtual reality, the team wants to engage viewers in different ways. Although programmatic VR has not been done before in a meaningful manner, someone has to be the first to bite the bullet in this regard. Whether or not this venture will prove to be successful, is a different matter altogether.

The VR experience will let users explore what life would be on Mars. It is a concept which keeps many people wondering and engaged first and foremost. Although life on Mars is very difficult to predict, it also creates a new opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audience. This is part of the reason why all three companies want to focus their effort son the VR space at this time.

Oath head of sales Jeff Lucas stated:

“It is allowing advertisers to extend in the virtual world, take part in it and make an ease of transaction. And what they have to do is provide the same assets that they would provide in any other case of programmatic, but our distribution, instead of going through our typical traditional partners, goes into a whole new set of partners, with a whole new ad world that is based in virtual reality.”

The main difference between traditional TV and VR is how the latter industry can provide dedicated engagement time. It is a very different landscape for advertisers, but one that can also drive more value in the long run. Trudging the lie between annoying ads and making them realistic yet not intrusive is not an easy feat. This new VR experience may set the standard for similar ventures in the future.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.