“Crackle” Creator Considers VR to be the Future of Entertainment

Despite the VR industry facing a lot of opposition, some content creators remain hopeful. Eddie Anvil, one of the “Crackle” movie creators, is quite confident the transition to virtual reality will become more apparent moving forward. Short-term film projects will eventually pave the way for broader entertainment option.

The Future of Entertainment is VR

It is only normal VR content producers tout this technology as the future of entertainment. It is certainly true the immersive nature of virtual reality can play a big role in terms of overall entertainment consumption. Movies can be told in a different way, and even TV shows could use a VR angle now and then. So far, no large-scale efforts have been created yet, albeit that situation may change fairly soon.

According to Eddie Avil, virtual reality offers many different opportunities. It transfers viewers from passive individuals into a centerpiece of the action. The 360-degree panoramic view users can enjoy is pretty significant and puts a different spin on how entertainment is perceived. Although this technology primarily lends itself to specific movie genres first and foremost, new opportunities need to be explored whenever possible.

When asked about “Crackle”, Avil adds:

Initially, the idea was to test the camera, which grew into a conversation of shooting a cinematic VR experience and that’s when we collectively decided to shoot a VR horror film. The response has been good and that has been heartwarming. The acknowledgement has strengthened our belief and validated the hard work that went behind it. We are presently writing/building a VR web series, fiction and non-fiction immersive content.”

The main problem comes in the form of bringing VR content to the masses. Most movie theatres are not equipped to broadcast anything in VR. As such, it seems logical short-term content will remain the main focus, at least for the time being. At the same time, VR movies can be enjoyed anywhere, as all one needs is a proper VR headset. That will, undoubtedly, have a big impact on entertainment consumption globally.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.