Oregon’s 360 Labs Takes VR Narration to a new Level

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Whereas the majority of consumers are not too smitten by virtual reality technology, there are success stories to be found within this industry. Oregon ‘s 360 Labs is exploring opportunities in the world of content production. Its latest project revolves around Darcelle XV, a drag queen with a strong reign over Old Town.

A VR Experience With User Control

It is not the first time Oregon’s 360 Labs explores opportunities in the world of VR productions. Their latest venture is taking things to a whole new level, courtesy of the individual known as Darcelle XV. The octogenarian drag queen is the primary point of focus during the “Through Darcelle’s Eyes” VR experience, which is coming to market as of October 10th. It can elevate virtual reality to a whole new level, although the public’s response remains to be determined.

What makes this VR narrative so interesting is how users are in control of the story up to a certain extent. Users can enter the VR experience and interact with Darcelle to move the story along. Viewers can also look around Darcelle’s home and look at collections of clothes, jewelry, trophies, et cetera. It is one of the most object-packed VR experiences on the market today, which helps raise the bar of such initiatives accordingly.

Through Darcelle’s Eyes co-director Rachel Bracker adds:

“As a viewer, I feel like I’m my best self [while] viewing 360 experiences, because I’m engaged. I have this thing on my face that’s almost calling me to pay attention. I’m alert, I’m there. And when I’m scrolling through my news feed or watching something on the couch, it feels more passive.”

Although 360-degree experiences in virtual reality are nothing new, 360 Labs looks to take things to a whole new level. They see a lot of possibilities in this industry and aim to explore as many options as possible. Making quality VR narratives remains a difficult task, but it appears 360 Labs are on the right track. The story of Darcelle XV encompasses a lot more than performing on stage, and this VR experience makes sure to highlight all aspects accordingly.

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