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Lone Echo Review – A Narrative Gem for all VR Enthusiasts

In the real world, there is a power struggle taking place between humans and artificial intelligence. We have seen similar struggles across multiple video games in recent years. Lone Echo, on the other hand, shows both parties can collaborate during times of need. It is a great game for all Oculus Rift owners, especially thanks to its strong focus on narration and glorious graphics.

Lone Echo is how Narrative-Driven VR Games Should be

A game developed by the Ready at Dawn game studio will always attract a lot of attention. At the same time, this also creates high expectations, which are not always easy to meet. Especially when it comes to virtual reality, as the technology is still very new and the gaming landscape is filled with competitors. Lone Echo is a beautiful game with a very powerful narrative that will keep players mesmerize for some time. Although it is clearly set in a sci-fi setting, the story is far more credible than some people want to admit.

Players find themselves in the midst of conducting repairs across a space station. At first, it seems like this is a glorified “do this quest and return for the next one” type of game, but the story quickly takes a different turn. There is a good amount of interaction with other characters. You can even choose between different dialogue responses, which is good to see. Despite a hand-holding approach at first, none of the tasks feel like you are going through a tutorial by any means.

Moreover, these tutorials are needed to get players accustomed to the concept of moving around in zero-gravity environments. Over time, the game picks up the degree of immersion and interactivity, which is what makes Lone Echo such a fun game. Even though you play as an artificial intelligence, everything feels so incredibly human, the lines between human behavior and AI seemingly blur quite quickly. The only downside is how the game is still relatively short, with most players completing it within seven hours.

It is good to see VR games focus on the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology. Note very sci-fi game in space has to be about blowing up aliens or fighting enemy ships. Lone Echo offers a lot of engaging content in an entirely different manner. The vast amount of optional side tasks and collectibles to go through adding a few hours to the overall gameplay. From a narration point of view, Lone Echo is by far one of the better games to date.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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