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No, The Operator Is Not Overpowered Says Riot Employee

In a recent stream on twitch, Morello – Riot’s Character Design Lead – said that the dev team doesn’t think the Operator is overpowered and that it’s doing what it’s supposed to.

The Operator is a Sniper Rifle in Valorant, that is able to 1-shot players even by hitting them in the body. It’s somewhat controversial because in most FPS games, snipers can only one shot to the head.

The operator has been a subject of much discussion on reddit and twitter with players having very strong opinion on the subject. Personally, I think the operator is fine just the way it is. It’s hard enough to hit bodyshots, and the low rate of fire balances the weapon quite nicely.

What I do think should be balanced, is the ability to one tap enemies with assault rifles such as the Vandal and Phantom. The fact that you could technically use the Assault Rifles as sniper rifles because the first shot is always 100% accurate, is definitely a huge advantage.


By Mark Arguinbaev

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