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Playing Call of Duty Warzone for the First Time

As an avid competitive FPS player, it’s been quite some time now that I’ve been meaning to try Warzone. For some reason, ever since Call of Duty: Warzone came out I never gave it a chance, even though I’ve played Modern Warfare before and enjoyed it quite a bit. Today I decided to finally commit and download the huge 30GB+ update to get Warzone up to date.

Once the update downloaded and installed I was greeted with yet another update, this time Warzone was installing shaders to optimize performance during gameplay. This took another 30 minutes to complete before I could start enjoying the game.

If that wasn’t enough, because I never played Warzone before I had to go through a tutorial. The tutorial took about 10 minutes but was painfully obvious. It’s unfortunate you couldn’t skip the tutorial and just jump straight in game.

After what seems like forever I finally queued up for my first ever Warzone game.

The warm up phase where you could drop in before the actual game starts is a great feature which eliminates idle time while waiting for everybody else to load. During that time, I made sure my sensitivity was adjusted to the same one I use in Valorant and Fortnite.

Once the actual game started I wanted to take it slow so I decided to drop towards the end of the route slightly outside the zone. It took me a second to figure out the key binds for picking up weapons and utilities. Once I picked up a few different guns I realized that each dropped gun had a rating system similar to how Fortnite works.

After dropping down I decided to stay crouched and listen to my surroundings, lucky for me there was a reckless player nearby who was sprinting around and one I could easily spot. I sprayed him down and got the kill.

A few seconds after my first kill, I noticed another reckless player riding around on the ATV. He drove right past me and didn’t even notice me.. Needless to say he was also sprayed down by my LMG.

It seems these two kills must have been beginner’s luck, because every other engagement I had during the match I was obliterated.

Lucky for me, Warzone allows a player to return back to the same game after a death if he is able to escape the Gulag, essentially meaning the player wins a death match between 4 players.

Lucky for me I was able to escape the Gulag and get back in the game. Unfortunately for me, the next player I saw completely mowed me down with an SMG and the game was over.

I placed 53rd which is nothing to be proud of. Regardless, I definitely enjoyed my roughly 15 minute run. My next goal is to get my first victory in Warzone as fast as possible. I was able to get my first ever win in Fortnite in about 3 days so I would like to see if I can beat that record for Warzone.

If you’ve never tried Warzone and are getting tired of the current games you play, definitely give Warzone a chance. The learning curve is extremely low and the overall player base doesn’t seem extremely sweaty.

Hope you enjoyed my documented experience of playing Warzone for the first time. If you want me to try any other games, please let me know in the comment section below!


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