Fortnite Announces Tournament for Android Players and Sponsored by Samsung

In a press release on July 20th, Epic Games announced the Galaxy Cup – a Fortnite tournament sponsored by Samsung exclusively for Android players. This event will take place on July 25th and 26th and will give players a chance to win either the Galaxy Scout Outfit, the Star Scout Wrap or both.

When it comes to the Galaxy cup, all players who participate in a minimum of five games will be awarded the Star Scout Wrap. The top-performing players from each region for each day will be awarded the Galaxy Scout Outfit.

In order to be considered a top-performing player, you must end the day at the top 1,250 – 10,000 depending on the region. For a complete breakdown of the placement required based on each region see the list below:

  • Europe – Top 10,000
  • NA-East – Top 7,500
  • NA-West – Top 2,500
  • Latin America – Top 2,500
  • Asia – Top 1,250
  • Middle East – Top 1,250
  • Oceania – Top 1,250

For more details regarding what devices can participate in the Galaxy Cup and other requirements in order to compete (enable 2FA), check out the Galaxy Cup Official Rules.

It makes sense that only Android players are allowed to enter the tournament, as the event is presented by Samsung – an Android device. The Galaxy Cup is interesting from a marketing perspective, because of the exclusivity for Androids and the fact that it’s sponsored by an Android device manufacturer.

The goal of the event is to incite more Android users to start playing Fortnite. Moreover, the fact that players get a participation award is even more reason for someone who has an Android device, and has been thinking of playing Fortnite to finally pull the trigger and download the game.

If this event is successful in bringing more Android players to Fortnite, will Apple follow up with their own sponsorship for an iOS exclusive event? Only time will tell…

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