Team 300FPS Is Proud To Announce the 300 Olympics Sponsored by PlayWith.GG

Team 300FPS is announcing their first official Fortnite tournament dubbed the 300 Olympics which will be taking place on Friday, September 4th.

The tournament will feature Olympic style competitions which will put your Fortnite skills to the test via a series of challenges including Box Fighting, Build Fighting, Edit Courses, and other fun challenges.

The tournament is open to anyone who plays on either NA-West or NA-East servers and fills out the google form below:

There will be a total of two winners, one from each region. The grand prize is a 2800 V-Bucks code that you can redeem on the Epic Games website.

Team 300FPS is also proud to announce their first ever sponsor for the event – PlayWith.GG

About PlayWith.GG

PlayWithGG connects players with their favorite streamers, youtubers, and other influencers. It’s a place for gamers to improve their skills, find teammates, connect and have fun!

About Team 300FPS

Team 300FPS is an eSports group based out of Los Angeles, CA. If you are serious about competitive FPS gaming and are looking for a solid team to perfect your skills, join the 300FPS discord server and meet our community.

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