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Oculus Reveals Crucial Details Regarding Its Varifocal Half-dome VR Prototype

Earlier last month, it was widely reported across the internet that Doug Lanman of Oculus (now part of Facebook’s Reality Labs) along with his team had been working on a new piece of VR hardware that employed the use of Varifocal display technology.

This week, Lanman hosted a live 40-minute session on the internet where he spoke about his company’s latest tech research. During the session, he described at length his experiences with Varifocal Displays as well as eye-tracking devices that were being used to make VR environments even more immersive and personalized.

To further showcase the potential of his upcoming research, Lanman shared a few videos of prototypes that he had created and how they could potentially usher in a new era of VR-realism in the months and years to come.

After releasing a teaser for the new Half-Dome prototype last month, researchers over at FB’s Reality Labs have revealed that the new prototype possesses an impressive 140-degrees field of view along with varifocal optics and other niche’ features that will enhance the users overall VR experience.

Whether or not this device becomes the successor to the now hallowed Oculus Rift headset remains to be seen, but things as a whole seem to be looking good for the VR industry.

The Takeaway

Assuming that things move ahead as scheduled, more details regarding the prototype will be made available during this year’s Oculus Connect developer conference which is scheduled to take place in September later this year.

By Shiraz Jagati

Shiraz is a VR enthusiast and audiophile who in his spare time loves to stay abreast with all of the latest happenings in the world of music and technology.