Walmart Introduces a VR-Driven Shopping Experience

Numerous companies around the world are incorporating virtual reality technology. Walmart is the latest company to do so thanks to its new 3D Virtual Shopping Tour. It is also the first time customers will browse a VR version of a living space to see how the design would look in a real environment.  Additionally, it becomes possible to purchase products of interest directly through the application.

Walmart Sees Merit in VR

Similar to a lot of other major chains and stores, Walmart is incorporating new technologies into its existing products and services. As such, the use of virtual reality technology almost appears to be a given in this regard. Using a VR version of living spaces to get customers excited about buying new products is a smart business idea. Moreover, customers can also get more information about the products they are viewing in VR.

Known as 3D Virtual Shopping Tour, this new experience is currently making its way through the various Walmart locations around the world. The company also made it clear they want to integrate a Buy The Room feature into the VR shopping tour. That new feature lets users add all available items in a virtual room to their cart to purchase everything at once. It is an interesting way to incorporate VR technology into the mainstream shopping experience at Walmart.

It is one of the many innovations Walmart has been pursuing over the past few months. Introducing VR makes sense in this regard, as they are working on a complete overhaul of their online presence and experience. Additionally, there is a new personal shopping service to take note of which is mainly aimed at urban customers. Incorporating newer technologies will improve the customer experience, which should always be a top priority for any corporation.

Launching this VR-driven experience comes at a rather interesting time. Walmart is on the verge of the new back-to-school season launch. Getting more customers to buy furnishings during this time will be challenging, although the virtual reality approach can be quite significant in this regard. Moreover, it is also another way for Walmart to sell full living space designs to customers in the process.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.