OnComfort Uses VR Apps to Reduce Cancer Patients’ Stress

There are many different ways to use virtual reality these days. While the entertainment sector is one obvious benefactor, so is the healthcare industry. OnComfort, a startup in the healthcare industry,  is using VR to help patients diagnosed with cancer. A total of five applications has been crafted to reduce stress and the need for pain medication. It is quite impressive to see what this technology is effectively capable of when using it for an unusual purpose.

Coping With Cancer Through Virtual Reality

Although the best possible outcome would be to find a cure for cancer, there isn’t much VR can do in this regard. Or not right away, at least, as we have yet to determine the full capabilities of this technology. Until that time comes, one startup is using VR apps to help patients cope with their diagnosis. It is a very interesting development in the world of healthcare, that much is certain. Helping patients reduce stress and lower their need for pain medication are intriguing aspects to pursue, though.

By leveraging VR technology, the startup helps patients in stress management techniques. It also provides patients with some easy-to-digest information regarding dealing with cancer. Moreover, it can stimulate their brains in a way to make them more comfortable. With five different VR applications developed for these specific purposes, the future is looking very bright for OnComfort. The Amo app, for example, uses clinical hypnosis to ease pain and anxiety. It is a perfect use case for virtual reality technology in its current state, that much is evident.

There is nothing fun about dealing with cancer whatsoever. Not for the patients themselves, but also for their friends and families. Three of the startup’s apps can help distract patients for a brief period of time before MRIs or chemotherapy. It certainly helps not having to pay too much attention to what will happen. Finding a way to achieve peace of mind while battling cancer is invaluable, to say the least. So far, these apps seem to do the job just fine, albeit they are still being improved as we speak.

Although this is not a perfect solution by any means, it goes to show VR can play a  big role in the healthcare industry. The preliminary results are all pretty positive. Breast cancer patients note a 50% reduction in anxiety and an 80% reduced use of pain medication. All of this further validates the research OnComfort has brought to the table. It will be interesting to see what the company comes up with moving forward.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.