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Bloody Zombies Review – A Glorious VR Hack-and-Slash Game

A VR game by the name of Bloody Zombies leaves very little to the imagination. This game is available for PlayStation VR at the price of $14.99. It is good to see some more hack-and-slash content in virtual reality, though, as the hardware lends itself quite well for such purposes. The game itself is pretty fun, although it certainly won’t be on everybody’s wish list whatsoever.

Bloody Zombies is Bloody Fun

It is certainly true the VR genre lends itself perfectly to all kinds of games and experiences. One type of game less often explored is the hack-and-slash genre, even though it makes sense to obliterate enemies in virtual reality. One could argue Bloody Zombies is the RPG version of most wave-shooters, and it certainly does the job quite well in this regard. Zombies are taking over the world and you need to get rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To do you, the player has to fight his way through different stages. Most fights will take place in melee form, with many combos to uncover and buttons on your controller to mash. You can also grab weapons along the way to increase the amount of violence and gore alike. There is nothing we disliked about this approach whatsoever, even though the game’s visuals may not be to everyone’s liking. Hand-drawn and cartoonish art is great in our opinion, yet it’s not something everyone will like. One downside is how Bloody Zombies doesn’t use all of the benefits provided by VR, but it’s not a deal breaker whatsoever.

There are four different characters to pick from and a lot more enemy models to fight your way through. With 12 stages to fully clear, there is more than enough variety to keep players engaged for a few hours. The mix of a zombie apocalypse with humoristic bits and tons of weapons only enhances the experience. Combine this with some great audio and you have one impressive game on your hands. The soundtrack of this game is also excellent, even though one wouldn’t expect them in a semi-budget VR title. Very, very well done by the developers, to say the least.

As one would expect, Bloody Zombies also features a multiplayer mode. Playing with friends is as fun as it sounds and is thoroughly advisable. Up to four players can get together for a great time and slaughtering zombies left, right, and center. While the game is anything but easy to complete, it offers a fairly non-frustrating challenge in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode. It is good to see a game of this genre come with a single player campaign of several hours. It is well worth the money and should be played by everyone who owns a PlayStation VR headset.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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