Samsung Gear VR Owners can Access new Video Content Courtesy of Pilot Season

Bringing more content to existing VR headset owners is always a smart idea. For Samsung, the company is trying a rather different approach. Known as Pilot Season, the collection of six shows can be accessed by owners of the Gear VR. Users will determine which of these shows will be given the green light for a full season.

Pilot Season is Pretty Interesting

Anyone who has ever watched pilot episodes of new TV shows on Amazon Prime will be familiar with the Pilot Season concept. Specific users will be able to watch pilot episodes of different TV shows. Users can then determine which shows should be renewed. The show or shows with the most votes will receive a proper season, whereas the rest will be canned.

What makes this venture so interesting is how the episodes are only accessible to Samsung Gear VR headset owners. Even though this unit is quite old by technology standards, it can still serve its purpose. Six independent filmmakers will present their creations on Samsung’s VR video channel on Gear VR.

As one would expect, there was an option to use Samsung’s own 360 Round camera. For some reason, only one filmmaker opted for this solution. It is unclear why the interest was so low, as the product seems compelling and professional. Even so, it will be interesting to see how the public responds to Pilot Season moving forward.

While this is an interesting venture by Samsung, it may not be sufficient to ensure people come back to VR regularly. In fact, there is a massive lack of content outside of video games right now. Pilot Season may be a sign of better things to come in this regard. Getting people’s attention and holding onto it will not be easy, though.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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