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Samsung Trademarks New ‘Anti-SDE’ Display Technology

In another piece of highly welcome news within the world of VR, Samsung has officially filed for a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for a new Anti-SDE display unit, thereby prompting rumors that the company might be on its way to revealing a VR based AMOLED display unit in the near future.

What is SDE?

In its most basic sense, one can think of the Screen Door Effect as an aberration that appears a result of unlit gaps between pixels or subpixels. While not apparent to the average viewer, they start to become more noticeable as and when VR enabled headsets are employed.

More details regarding the latest move

While no specifics regarding the new device have been released, it has come to light that the Korean tech firm filed for the ‘Anti SDE’ trademark on Friday. And while one may argue that the technology can be used for a large number of purposes, it is quite likely that this latest development is linked to VR-specific hardware.

Final Take

With the Virtual Reality market gaining more and more widespread attention with each passing day, Samsung has decided to develop a gadget that has the ability to address one of the most pressing issues affecting this market segment.

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By Shiraz Jagati

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