SculptrVR’s PSVR Launch Makes the Application Accessible Across all Major Platforms

It is evident virtual reality can be a valuable tool in the right hands. This is especially true when it comes to artists and other creators. SculptrVR continues t make inroads in this regard as the platform is now accessible across all major platforms. It may not take VR mainstream, but it does highlight the potential of this technology.

Another Step Forward for SculptrVR

As the name suggests, SculptrVR is designed to let creative individuals sculpt their wildest creations in a virtual reality environment. Although the platform was originally met with some skepticism, things have evolved fairly quickly. In fact, for a project developed and maintained by just two individuals, SculptrVR is finally accessible across all major virtual platforms.

The latest addition in this regard comes in the form of the PSVR. Although most people may not see merit in this new application, it is good to see the developers bring their creation to as many people as possible. Creators do not own all major VR headsets these days, and reaching anyone with an interest will always remain the top priority.

Getting more people excited about the concept of creating for virtual reality is not all that easy. This has been a massive struggle for some time now. Whether or not SculptrVR will change that situation, remains to be determined. The porting process to different platforms hasn’t been easy either, as every platform poses its own challenges and advantages.

The bigger question is how PSVR users will respond to this application. It is certainly a completely different experience compared to gaming or using some of the other VR apps on the platform. Given Sony’s dominant position on the market, it is only normal this platform can prove to be critical for the SculptrVR team moving forward. The developers are already looking forward to launching on more problems and adding new features. A designer’s work is never finished, even in VR.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.