Senior Citizens Traverse the World Thanks to Virtual Reality

Although most people wouldn’t expect it, virtual reality technology is a powerful tool for the older generations. One group of senior citizens recently went on a world tour in the span of just 60 minutes. They traveled to Africa, the Midwest, Hawaii, Alaska, and Disney World all in one experience. It is evident VR headsets – even cheaper models – can bring some joy to senior citizens’ lives in this regard. It is also an intriguing experiment which may set a new global trend.

Senior Citizens and VR mix Rather Well

Most people look at virtual reality as a very niche market. That isn’t surprising, even though there are hundreds of new use cases which have yet to be explored. Wingate Residences in Norton is experimenting with VR to make senior citizens more comfortable. To be more precise, they use VR headsets to show the world to the elderly generation without making them leave their homes. All of this is made possible thanks to the Samsung Gear VR HMD.

Thanks to VR startup Rendever, this experiment can prove to be a major success in the long run. It is evident some senior citizens are more hesitant regarding VR technology, for obvious reasons. However, this technology is perfectly suited for the older generation as it doesn’t require any technical know-how whatsoever SImply strap on the headset and your journey will begin. It really is that simple, which is exactly why this is such a perfect solution for elder generations.

Wingate life enrichment director Christine Henry explains it as follows:

“Once they try it, it’s amazing. It’s geared toward the older population but everyone that’s tried it has enjoyed it and has just been blown away. I love their reactions. You can see it in their expressions, they feel like they’ve gone out and traveled to another country. They reach out to the animals because they feel like they can touch them.”

It is good to see such a rather intriguing use case for VR technology these days. For the time being, Wingate runs three different virtual reality series three times a week for around 60 minutes every time. Most of the trips are educational in nature, which includes guided tours and learning a bit more about history and surroundings. There are also trips to foreign countries people haven’t visited before. Plus, the technology allows sole senior citizens to relive their childhood memories, up to a certain degree. A more than viable sue case for VR, that much is certain.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.