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Project Cars 2 VR Mode Review – An Absolutely Sublime Racing Experience

When project Cars 2 was first announced, it wasn’t exactly clear why this game needs a VR mode. Although it is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in VR mode, it remains to be seen if players effectively give this concept a try in the future. It is certainly true the game looks pretty stunning in VR, but it’s not something everyone wants to explore either. For those owners of a VR headset, it is well worth trying, as the result may surprise you.

Project CARS 2 in Virtual Reality

Everyone who has gotten their hands on a demo or the full version of Project CARS 2 will agree most of the game’s aspects look absolutely stunning. The cars themselves and all visual aspects are of top-notch quality as one would come to expect. Some parts of different tracks tend to clip in and out of existence, but that is something a future patch can easily solve. The bigger question for us was how this game would look on the Oculus Rift tor HTC Vive.

Surprisingly, this experience is a lot less bland than one would expect. In fact, Project CARS 2 looks pretty solid in VR, especially when looking at the cars, pit lane, lights, and everything else one truly cares about. It also helps immerse players when driving from the cockpit view, as that camera mode is simply made to be explored in virtual reality. Do keep in mind running the game in VR will stress your computer hardware to its limits, especially when running the game at a higher resolution.

If we had to give our biased opinion, we would say racing games are the perfect use case for VR technology right now. Especially when it comes to Project CARS 2, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. You can also look around in the car and on the circuit to spot your opponents. It is the racing experience so many players have been waiting for. Moreover, it changes the entire perception aspect of this game as well.

While we weren’t too certain this approach would work too well at first, we quickly lost a few hours playing Project CARs 2 in VR. The first impressions are very positive, although we still enjoy playing this game without a VR headset as well. For early adopters who invested in the hardware, this game is absolutely worth checking out. Everyone else shouldn’t necessarily buy a headset just for this game, even though it makes for a compelling use case.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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