Sinespace Wants to Become the Second Life of Virtual Reality

There appears to be a growing demand for virtual hangout places in virtual reality. Some people would even go as far as seeking out the Second Life of VR, even though it does not exist yet. That may come to change a lot sooner than anticipated, at least, if Sinespace is to be believed.

Sinespace has a lot of Potential

The Sinespace project lacks no ambition whatsoever. It is a massively multiplayer online sandbox world in virtual reality. Although that is a mouthful, it also shows the developers want to tackle as many different opportunities as possible. Their main purpose to create a new program to boost the creation of user-generated content. This includes landscapes, levels, meeting places, and so forth.

In a way, it will become the Second Life of virtual reality. Whether or not it can achieve a similar level of success, is a different matter altogether. Second Life is still active to this very day, despite being created fifteen years ago. A lot has changed in terms of technology and rendering engines. It is up to Sinespace to make a positive impact in this regard, while making the tools as accessible as possible.

According to company officials, they will use the Unity-based engine to develop this VR world. Improving graphics will remain an ongoing process for the longevity of the project. Several major updates have already been introduced. Ranging from adding more functionality to improving the overall appeal of this VR world, Sinespace has not rested on their laurels at any given time.

Additionally, the app boasts 15.000 active users per month at this time. Players are also stepping up the amount of content purchased from creators, which further shows things are heading in the right direction. As is to be expected, character-based cosmetics are the top-selling items, although there are still plenty of options to explore in this regard. All things considered, the MMO world has received a warm reception, further confirming VR is bound to see a major project which can rival Second Life.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.