New Tech Enables Humans to Explore Virtual Reality Realistically, Making Minecraft More Fun

The human eye spends 10 percent of the time looking at objects and sceneries blinking. Hence, for every 10 hours of perceiving an object, the human eye spends 1 hour blinking, becoming effectively and functionally blind for that period. Minecraft and Decentraland Just Became More Realistic According to the Association for Computing Machinery, humans blink […]


A Brief History of Virtual Reality Headsets Part 1 – VFX1 and Glasstron

Virtual reality is an industry that has undergone quite a lot of changes over the years. It may surprise you that the first VR headsets came to fruition back in 1994. Interestingly enough, it took almost 20 years before this industry started gaining any mainstream consumer traction. This is an opportune time to take look […]