Tons of new Content Announced for PlayStation VR Ecosystem

It is good to see more content coming to the PlayStation VR ecosystem. So far, this particular platform has brought forth some of the most enjoyable virtual reality games and experiences. During the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced a bunch of new Japanese titles coming to PS VR. Several games are coming and there will also be a cat-collecting experience. Plus, there will be a new app for the PSVR coming as well.

A lot of Content for Japanese PlayStation VR Owners

It is evident Japan is quickly becoming a key area for the PlayStation VR ecosystem right now. Even though obtaining this unit is still pretty difficult, a lot of new content is arriving in droves as we speak. Thanks to a recent price cut for the PlayStation VR and a new cut coming for the Camera bundle, things will get quite interesting moving forward. After all, with a large amount of content coming to Japan’s virtual reality ecosystem, there will be an even bigger demand for this hardware unit.

Speaking of new content, the Tokyo Game Show has been quite intriguing so far. PlayStation VR users will get to enjoy a bunch of new games, including Anubis’s Mars, which is a new title in the Zone of the Enders genre. Additionally, there is Neko Atsume VR, which is all about collecting different types of cats. Not too much is known about the game other than its logo, but rest assured there will be a big interest in this game when it releases. It is unclear if the game will also get a release in the West, as a lot of people would certainly appreciate that.

What is pretty remarkable is how there will also be a news app for PlayStation VR. Up until this point, we have not seen anything like that for the console-based virtual reality headset. The Asahi Shimbun, a well-known Japanese newspaper, is currently producing the news app in question. The goal is to provide 360-degree video content, albeit it remains to be seen when the app will launch. It appears all of this content can be accessed free of charge, although that situation may still change in the future.

All things considered, things are looking pretty solid for the PlayStation VR ecosystem. Up until now, PlayStation continues to dominate the market in this regard. HTC and Oculus can’t even come close to Sony’s sales figures so far despite reducing the price of their respective headsets The Japanese market is very important to Sony, that much is certain. We can only hope consumers in this market will have an easier time obtaining the hardware moving forward.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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