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Gappo’s Legacy VR – A Thoroughly Enjoyable Wave Shooter

Wave shooters are not hard to find in the world of virtual reality. That is not entirely surprising, as it is perhaps the easiest concept to bring to VR. However, with so many games focusing on this aspect already, it is evident there is less room for more competition. Gappo’s Legacy VR for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift has some promise other games are not showing right now. It’s a decent game, but lacks a bit of content for the time being.

Gappo’s Legacy VR is A Great Shooter

When we fire up the umpteenth VR wave shooter on our systems, there is often little reason to be excited. The same initially applied to Gappy’s Legacy VR, although it quickly turned out we were wrong. The game itself is one of the most satisfying wave shooters we have played to date. This is only facilitated by its simple movement systems and motion-controlled weapons. Although moving isn’t required all that often where wave shooters are concerned, it feels very natural in this particular game.

Surprisingly enough, Gappo’s Legacy VR also has a background story. In most cases, there is no narrative whatsoever, but Gappy’s Legacy proves things can be done differently as well. Although the storytelling is kept to a minimum, it adds a degree of context to your actions during the game. A more than welcome change, even though we mainly like this game for the shooting experience itself. It is incredibly satisfying to shoot enemies and advance through the game in a seemingly natural manner.

During the game, you are put into a desert on an elevating platform. The objective is to fight incoming waves and make your way up the heights. The gappo system found within this game focuses on “chips” which can be inserted into your wrist. Every chip unlocks new abilities and equipment. Three different types of gappos exist, focusing on attack, augmentations, and defense respectively. The fact you can switch them out on demand is only adding to the experience in a positive manner. Rest assured you will need these gappos as you progress further, as the waves of enemies will not take pity on you whatsoever.

Although Gappo’s Legacy VR is still in the early stages of development, one can’t deny this game has a ton of potential. Do keep in mind you need a fair bit of space to move around and circle around to hit your enemies. New abilities, enemies, and gameplay mechanics will be added through future patches. For the price of $8.99, there is nothing to dislike about the game in its current state, even if it is on the short side. It’s a good starting point for one of the most enjoyable VR wave shooters to date.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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