Top 4 Trends Which Will Make Virtual Reality More Mainstream

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    Using a VR headset is about much more than gaming. Although that is not always apparent to consumers, there are a lot of innovative trends worth keeping an eye on. In fact, virtual reality is used in a lot of different ways most people wouldn’t even consider. Below are just a handful of examples of what VR is capable of in the real world.

    4. Live Events

    There are some issues when it comes to attending live events. Without a decent seat and costly ticket, the “good places” are pretty limited in nature. With VR, that becomes a non-issue, as viewers can effectively get the best seat in the house at all times. This concept applies to musicals, parties, museums, plays, and so forth.

    3. Therapy

    While there is still a lot of research to be done before VR and therapy can properly gel, things are slowly heading in the right direction. Even so, we see a lot of efforts in this regard, as therapists let people face their worst fears in a controlled VR environment. Additionally, there are experiments with addressing PTSD and various therapeutic effects.  

    2. Education

    This may very well become the biggest industry for virtual reality in the coming years. Education comes in many different forms. This technology is often used for history lessons, scientific purposes, or even ethics courses. There are many different types of “lessons” which can benefit from a visual hands-on experience. Expect more and more projects in the educational VR sectors in the next ten years.

    1. Employee Training

    Albeit somewhat similar to education on paper, there’s a big difference when it comes to training employees. Various firms, including the likes of UPS, are experimenting with VR training scenarios for current and potential employees. With more and more training scenarios being developed by specialized firms, there will be an even greater interest in this trend in the years to come.

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