VR Startup Vicarious Surgical Completes $16.8m Series A Round

VR Companies continue to attract a lot of attention Vicarious Surgical, one of the many startups in this industry, secured $16.8m in funding. The company combines virtual reality with surgical robotics to improve the existing healthcare solutions. With this new money, the company will continue to expand its presence and grow its software teams.

A Positive Development for Vicarious Surgical

VR companies will have an easy time raising Series A funding if their product is solid. For Vicarious Surgical, it seems a lot of investors are convinced their product will effectively work. Enabling surgeons to perform minor invasive surgery through virtual reality and surgical robots certainly sounds appealing. So much even that the company’s Series A round of $16.8m closed rather quickly.

Combining these innovative technologies will undoubtedly lead to some big changes. For now, there is still some uncertainty as to how it will all work exactly. The company has now commented on their proprietary technology. Not really surprising, but some more information will be needed. Putting surgeons “inside the patient” is not as straightforward as it may sound.

Innovation Endeavors founding partner Dror Berman commented:

“Vicarious Surgical is using miniaturized robotics and immersive virtual reality to give surgeons superpowers, exponentially improving visibility and accuracy in minimally invasive surgery. This approach is poised to drive a super evolution in surgical care that will save lives.”

It is the third funding round for Vicarious Surgical. For the past two years, the company was supported by Khosla Ventures. In total,, the startup has raised just under $20. With this funds, the company will hire more staff and streamline its software accordingly. There is no word on when a live demo can be expected.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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