Two Major Nintendo Game Franchises Will Receive VR Support on the Switch

Nintendo continues to push ahead with its VR plans. In a recent statement, the company confirmed VR support for Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey. This is a remarkable decision, but one that also makes business sense. This different type of gameplay can only be accessed through the Nintendo Labo VR kit. That unit is expected to go on sale in a week from today.

VR Support Comes to Nintendo Games

It is no secret Nintendo sees a lot of merit in VR technology. More specifically, the company recently announced its Nintendo Labo VR Kit. This unit costs between $40 and $80 and is expected to go on sale late next week. This unit will bring VR capabilities to the Nintendo Switch. It allows enthusiasts to play and create their own VR games using this platform. However, it will also enable VR functionality for existing Switch games, by the look of things.

In a surprise statement, Nintendo confirmed VR support is coming to two key franchises. Both “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Super Mario Odyssey” are slated to receive VR functionality in the coming days. The first game will be fully playable in VR, whereas the other will receive three additional mini-missions. It is a big gamble on behalf of Nintendo, as virtual reality isn’t on too many consumers’ radar at this time.

Without the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, this functionality will not be visible for users. While the kit costs a fair bit of money, the additional “game content” is provided free of charge. Depending on the success of these VR additions, Nintendo may implement more similar content for other key franchises. Developments like these can help put VR on the global map, albeit it will remain difficult to convince consumers in this regard.

How the community will respond to these offerings, remains to be seen. It is evident this move is primarily targeting a younger audience. However, the addition of VR content might make these games more appealing to players of all ages. Nintendo’s VR kit is also a lot cheaper compared to most VR headset son the market today. Despite the potential benefits, the company is still taking a big gamble on virtual reality in the end.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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