Vancouver Mall’s VR Arcade Continues to be Successful

There appears to be a bright future ahead for virtual reality arcades and similar offers. Location-based virtual reality has been somewhat of a booming business for quite some time now. At Vancouver Mall, technology has been accessible for over a full year. So far, it would seem VR Junkies are rather pleased with the results.

The VR Junkies Success to Date

It is not easy to convince the masses about the potential and fun factor of virtual reality technology. This is why the rise in popularity of VR arcades is such a crucial development for this struggling industry as a whole. Visitors of Vancouver Mall may have noticed a VR arcade by the name of VR Junkies. The company has been active for over a year now and is still trying to fulfill its mission.

What makes the Vancouver Mall VR arcade successful is how it does things slightly differently. More specifically, there are multiple cubicles for players to experience virtual reality without ponying up the cash for a headset themselves. Every cubicle has a Vive VR headset and two wireless controllers to give customers the proper experience they are looking for.

Additionally, VR Junkies provides access to a growing list of games. This is possible thanks to the VR catalog on the Steam platform. All gaming PCs powering these headsets are mounted overhead, rather than at the back of the cubicle. This ensures users do not bump into this hardware by accident and gives them a higher degree of freedom when moving around.

Interestingly enough, the more popular games played at this VR arcade include Job Simulator and Arizona Sunshine. The first game is popular with kids, whereas the latter is favored by adults. VR Junkies currently spans 11 locations across the United States, with further growth expected to materialize in the coming months and years. Their success confirms the virtual reality industry is not dead yet, but it is far from mainstream.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.