Virtuix and Funovation are Building Arena Units for VR eSports

It would appear gaming remains the primary focus for virtual reality efforts. That is not abnormal, as it is the only aspect of VR which is effectively gaining some traction. Virtuix and Funovation are in the process of launching an arena for VR eSports. That arena may help boost overall VR adoption around the globe.

The Future of eSports in Virtual Reality

It has become apparent gaming enthusiasts see a fair bit of merit in VR technology. Numerous games have been created over the years, although the wait for a genuine AAA title is far from over. Even so, some companies are considering the future of gaming in the virtual reality industry. Introducing eSports in VR seems a bridge too far right now, albeit the concept is not as strange as one may think.

For Virtuix, this new venture makes a lot of sense. The company has plenty of experience in virtual reality, despite not gaining much success. Their Omni VR treadmill was innovative, granted, but not what consumers are looking for. Through a new partnership with Funovation, the company will focus its efforts on virtual reality eSports.

Virtuix CEO Jan Goetgeluk adds:

“We’ve been organizing esports tournaments since 2016, and we’ve learned that competitive gaming boosts revenues. Ongoing prize contests result in repeat play by guests and build a community of frequent and loyal players. Our VR ARENA attraction is exciting to both elite gamers and casual players. It’s incredibly fun to run around inside your favorite game, and everyone has a chance to win.”

Unsurprisingly, the VR Arena project will use the Omni motion platform. It is a very intriguing concept, as it has a footprint of 375 square feet. That makes it a very compact and somewhat affordable unit. Goetgeluk claims over 3,000 Omni units are shipped to entertainment ventures around the globe. The VR Arena will launch at IAAPA 2018 in November. Monthly pricing is expected to be near the $1,700 mark.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.