VR Support Turns Breath of the Wild Into a Much Worse Game

Many people have high expectations for VR gaming. When Nintendo confirmed its major franchises would get VR support, the excitement was almost tangible. Unfortunately, it seems playing Breath of the Wild in VR is anything but pleasant. There are still plenty of kinks to work out.

Breath of the Wild in VR Isn’t up to Par

It takes a lot of effort to transform an entire existing game into something that can be played in virtual reality. That challenge only grows steeper if that game is one of the most immersive Nintendo games ever created. It is difficult to keep these games as engrossing as they are, and even Breath of the Wild is no exception. In fact, it seems the VR version of this game detracts from the overall experience, which is clearly not what Nintendo had in mind.

By launching the Labo Kit VR, Nintendo shows they see merit in VR gaming as well. Super Mario Odyssey also received minor virtual reality support which doesn’t interfere with the normal gameplay. For Breath of the Wild that situation is a bit different. Even the most optimistic players agree it is cumbersome, clunky, and simply not fun to play.

Luckily, setting up the game for a VR playthrough is not difficult. Nintendo managed to make this process straightforward, for which the company needs to be commended. However, the way the game has to be played is still awkward. The lack of a head strap, as well as using Joy-Con controllers near your face’s height simply feels odd. It also growth incredibly uncomfortable after holding up the device for more than 30 minutes.

While VR should give the game a completely different dimension, that is not the case. In fact, VR support makes this game look ugly and uninspiring. Even the frame rate seems to suffer, which only adds to the frustration. With no real changes made to the game either, there is no reason to play Breath of the Wild in VR at this time, if ever.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.