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XFLOKIVERSE – The Premier Metaverse Project on the XRP Ledger

XFLOKIVERSE is a brand new NFT project combining a trifecta of XFLOKI coins, brought together to create a complete ecosystem of unique Floki characters. The objective of the project is to become an NFT gaming metaverse, with each token bringing its own piece to the overall puzzle to provide services that include NFTs, rewards, items, skill sets, and scenery for the user to interact with. Built on the XRP ledger, the XFLOKIVERSE is aiming to hold its position as the number one meme coin on the network and become a fully-fledged game in the coming months.

What is the XFLOKIVERSE?

XFLOKIVERSE is the name for the entire metaverse that consists of 3 distinct tokens – $XFLOKI, $XFLOKIs, and the $XFLOKIVERSE.

Within the metaverse, the holders of the $XFLOKI token will receive their very own unique NFT. Each NFT provided will be based on the number of tokens a user holds with varying rarity. Through the accumulating and holding of $XFLOKIs, users are able to gain a wide range of variable assets.

Each asset can be used to level up their characters, completely customizing their personal NFT to make it truly their own. Through $XFLOKIVERSE tokens, users are able to acquire their own planets and environments to create their individual words to store their XFLOKI and XFLOKIs in-game items.

The options will be vast, and each world will be up to the user to create, using unique backdrops, borders, items, attributes, and enhancements. No two worlds will be the same, and users are in full control of what they create.

All three tokens are separate entities, with their own pricing and contracts, and each token will provide its own specific purpose for the ecosystem.

  • $XFLOKI: The token for the entire metaverse, essential for all transactions, and is used to purchase keys for unlocking chests and item upgrades.
  • $XFLOKIs: The XFLOKIs tokens are used to purchase in-game items, including the locked chests, buildings, and the other entities a user can interact with inside the metaverse.
  • $XFLOKIVERSE: These are used to purchase the universe and world-building items that are made up of the planets, the different environments, and the eggs that will hatch into additional XFLOKI characters.

The XFLOKI and XFLOKIs Unlockable Rewards Tiers

The XFLOKIVERSE world aims to reward the user in a multitude of tiered options. There will be a range of $XFLOKIs chests, each one obtainable and awarded based on the total number of $XFLOKI tokens the user acquires and holds. Each tier will possess a diverse range of items and abilities, available in differing characteristics, and rarity. Currently, the options range from wood tier for low token holders to Dragon tier – the most powerful tier for the larger holders.

Currently, the reward tiers for chests include:

  • Under 1 Billion tokens – Wood.
  • 1 Billion -19 Billion – Silver.
  • 20 Billion – 49 Billion – Gold.
  • 50 Billion – 99 Billion – Diamond.
  • 100 Billion – 499 Billion – Amethyst.
  • 500 Billion – 999 Billion –  Ruby.
  • 1 Trillion plus – Dragon.

The more $XFLOKI tokens the holder has in their possession, the higher the likelihood will be for quality items of increased rarity from the $XFLOKIs locked treasure chest.

The $XFLOKIs tokens will be used for purchasing in-game items, scenery, and enhancements. The tokens can be accumulated and used to purchase a variety of tiered locked chests. The options for the chests will be updated and redesigned as the project progresses, with community feedback taken onboard throughout. The current options include:

  • 1 x $XFLOKIs – Locked Diamond Chest.
  • 5 x $XFLOKIs – Locked Amethyst Chest.
  • 20 x $XFLOKIs – Locked Red Dragon Chest.

Each individual $XFLOKIs tier will have its own set of unique items. The user is highly encouraged to collect as many as they can to create their own unique appearance and items sets within the XFLOKIVERSE world. Customization is an important part of the planned metaverse.

The objective is to utilize each character, item, ability, and individual worlds, to create an interactive and shared experience between the users leading to an eventual metaverse, and a gaming environment.

The XFLOKIVERSE Long Term Vision

The team behind the three separate tokens has an overall objective of combining all of the individual pieces they have created with the three separate tokens to create a shared metaverse for users to interact with and customize, a gaming experience for everyone. Each holder will get their own unique NFT, and the more they interact and the more they accumulate, the more rewards and options that will become available.

Marketing and project growth is the first stage in the roadmap and already, the project has partnered with the leading crypto advertising agency, Coinpresso for the ongoing marketing, SEO, social media, and web development needs.

The XFLOKIVERSE will see changes and updates at a fast pace in the coming months, all aimed at increasing engagement, interaction, and customization for the user. In the near future, the complete XFLOKIVERSE game will be released and it will provide a place for users to utilize their characters and in-game item collections in a way never before seen in the crypto space. Options are expected to be vast, and each player will experience the metaverse in a completely unique way.



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