Shadowcore VR Preview – Great Concept but Hinges on Online Community

Although most VR games which are still in Early Access are not necessarily worth checking out, Shadowcore VR had our interest piqued from day one. It is a great VR shooter for the Oculus...

Primordian Preview – Plenty of Potential Despite a One-man Team

Even though VR games in early access are always subject to some changes, there are some games well worth checking out early. Primordian, for example, is an interesting game for the HTC Vive and...
TheVRBase FIrewall: Zero Hour

Firewall: Zero Hour Preview – Huge Potential if the Developers can Deliver

There are quite a few VR games well worth looking forward to. So far, the offerings have been a mixed bag of great fun and utter disappointment. Firewall: Zero Hour, an upcoming VR title,...



Battlezone Review – Addictive Tank Shooter With Some Frustrating Elements

Battlezone is one of those PlayStation VR games that immediately catches your attention. Older gamers will recall this name, as it used to be...