Dungeons & Dragons can Benefit From Virtual Reality’s Social Experience

One would not necessarily expect Dungeons & Dragons and virtual reality ever come together. In the real world, things may look very different. This is a very narrative-driven RPG, and it can benefit from the effect of VR to create even more immersive gameplay in the years to come.

A Proper VR Version of D&D may Arrive Soon

For the people familiar with the history of Dungeons & Dragons, this RPG has been around for nearly five full decades. The pencil-and-paper approach are very familiar to all parties who ever spent many afternoons or evenings venturing into a wild fantasy world. Numerous rulebooks, dices, and even games have been created because of this particular medium.

It is not unlikely Dungeons & Dragons will get a high-tech upgrade at some point. The RPG genre has always benefited from newer technologies, both within the gaming industry and otherwise. Combining this immersive fantasy world with virtual reality will be quite challenging. Numerous other technologies have come and failed to make their mark on this game genre.

According to Paste Magazine, the social aspect of virtual reality may pave the way for positive change. There are some social aspects about VR which are highlighted by various platforms. D&D Published Wizards of the Coast is confident virtual reality is the go-to way to take their brainchild to the next level. Their ongoing deal with AltspaceVR will play a key role in this regard.

A VR version of D&D already exists today. It works quite well, but it still has quirks. Using a VR headset remains cumbersome, graphics are “meh” at best and fellow players are depicted as cartoonish avatars. Once these aspects change for the better, the world of Dungeons & Dragons will look very different from the pencil-and-paper version most of us grew up with.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.