Oculus Studios Launches the Anne Frank House VR Experience

Oculus is banking big on the future success of virtual reality. After introducing multiple VR headsets, the company has slowly begun shifting its focus to virtual reality content as well. The latest venture by Oculus Studios comes in the form of a virtual reality tour of the Anne Frank House. It is another example of how education and VR can come together in a meaningful manner.

The Anne Frank House VR Experience

One has to commend Oculus Studios for taking a few leaps of faith when it comes to virtual reality content. Although this technology is still in the very early stages of gaining traction, it seems more and more content is coming to market rather quickly. For Oculus Studios, their current focus lies on allowing users to visit the Anne Frank House in virtual reality.

For most people, this is not a new location. Even so, there aren’t too many people who have ever set foot inside, ¬†mainly because it isn’t possible to do so in the real world. For those not willing to travel to Amsterdam, this new VR experience will effectively offer the same tour, albeit it allows for slightly more interaction along the way.

This experience is launched at a crucial time. June 12th marks the 89th birthday of Anne Frank, which makes this experience l the more meaningful. Although it remains to be seen how popular this venture will be when everything is said and done, it is one of those tours one can only experience in virtual reality. It is this type of unique experiences which can help put VR on the map globally.

Users will also be able to access the Secret Annex which served as Anne Frank’s hiding place during World War II. With a duration of 25 minutes, this VR experience is definitely one of the most advanced creations we have seen over the past few years. For the time being, it is unclear if this VR experience will be free of charge or if users need to pay a small fee to be part of this experience.

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