Rob Koenen Predicts Major VR Industry Growth Over the Next Year

It has been a while since there was any real positive VR industry news. With shipments of headsets on the decline for most of the year, it seems unlikely any uptrend can materialize. VR Industry Forum President Rob Koenen has an entirely different vision. In his opinion, the virtual reality adoption is right on track. An ambitious outlook for this industry.

What Comes Next for Virtual Reality?

It is always difficult to predict how new industries evolve over the years. In the case of VR, initial excitement was quickly tampered by expensive hardware prices and a growing lack of content. All of these growing pains were to be expected, yet they remain in place several years later. VR Industry Forum President Rob Koenen is not too concerned regarding these developments.

Although he acknowledges the past 18 months have been difficult, Koenen remains confident global industry growth will materialize. According to his predictions, major changes will occur in the coming two years. That gives a lot of people something to look forward to. Hardware, content, software, and services are all entering the next stages of development, by the look of things.

VR Industry Forum president Rob Koenen added:

“Everybody is dipping their toes in the water and there is a lot of investment going on. Sky, for example, is doing a lot of advanced stuff and their investment is starting to pay off – with the broadcaster offering exclusive VR content to its customers. VR headsets started off at around $2,000 but now they are better, standalone wireless devices offering three degrees of freedom (DoF) or 6DoF for a fraction of that price.”

The rollout of 5G networks will undoubtedly impact the VR industry as a whole. Through these faster mobile networks, content delivery takes on an entirely different aspect. As such, it can give VR the industry boost it so direly needs. It will be interesting to see if Koenen’s predictions can come true. Right now, the average consumer couldn’t care less about virtual reality at home.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.