Walmart’s Future VR Shopping Experience Includes Touching Objects

Various companies are currently exploring business opportunities in the virtual reality world. That is easier said than done, primarily because the technology is still far from achieving its full potential. Walmart is currently looking at ways to introduce VR stores to improve at-home shopping.

Another VR Effort by Walmart

The way consumers think about shopping is very different compared to a few years ago. Online shopping has gained a lot of traction, and mobile applications are now making their mark on the industry as well. For Walmart, the next frontier will be virtual reality or at least something that closely resembles it. The firm is patenting a brand new VR shopping experience which makes use of this innovative technology.

In the future, Walmart customers may very well be able to visit computer-generated stores by wearing a VR headset. This will be achieved through two separate patents filed by the company. The filings mention shopping navigating their way through virtual showrooms. Additionally, customers will not just be able to view the store, but also touch objects and receive haptic feedback through proprietary gloves while doing so. That latter aspect is still a bit strange at this stage, although more details will be revealed in due time.

Other retailers are contemplating exploring similar options. At-home shopping is on the rise in terms of popularity, and virtual reality will make that experience happen a lot sooner than people may think. At the time of writing, Walmart has only filed for the patents, yet they have not been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office yet. There is no official deadline for this process either at this stage.

Walmart is exploring this venture at a most opportune time. Amazon is working on a very similar system, as the retail giant continues to increase its lead over other retailers throughout the United States. Walmart made a strategic acquisition earlier this year in the form of VR startup Spatialand. Their technology will enable the retailer to offer this VR shopping experience to clients across the US.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.