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100ft Robot Golf Review – Hours of Unbridled Fun

Games are not hard to come by in the world of virtual reality, although some concepts may have wackier ideas than others. 100ft Robot Golf, one of the many games released on Playstation VR, is about as crazy as it can get. Then again, who doesn’t want to play golf with a giant robot? The fact this game has four player co op makes it all the more attractive, and destroying the city is also a possibility. Quite a fun game, that much is certain.

100Ft Robot Golf Doesn’t Disappoint At All

Ever since watching the trailer for 100ft Robot Golf, the game has piqued our interest. There is something oddly satisfying about a golf club-wielding giant robot not only trying to complete a golf course but also capable of destroying entire cities. Plus, who doesn’t want to see what shooting the missiles will do? There are plenty of options when playing this game in VR, and it is hard to find a flaw with the game.

To be more specific, it all depends on how one decides to play the game. 100ft Robot Golf offers a solo campaign mode, which is well worth checking out. The game itself requires a bit of practice before being able to fully master it, although it can be quite fun to dive in headfirst when playing four player co-op as well. In this particular mode, users will see robot animations akin to those seen in movies and TV shows during the 90s. Locations are varied as well, including various cities on Earth, inside a volcano, or even swing your club n the surface of the moon.

If you are one of the lucky people to have a friend or two with a PlayStation VR headset, talking friends into purchasing and installing the game is well worth the effort. 100ft Robot Golf makes for hours of fun without having to think things through too much. It is a great game to kick back and relax, while still being competitive at the same time. Some people may see this type of gameplay as shallow, although there is nothing boring about the game by any means.

While other reviewers may feel this game is almost a waste of money, it will depend on the individual player. In our case, we had quite a bit fun playing this game, although your mileage may vary. If you are easily thrown off by anime cutscenes with haphazard English dubbing, this game may not necessarily be for you. However, if you are looking for a game that offers some solid VR fun in both single-player and multiplayer mode, 100ft Robot Golf is well worth checking out.

As one would expect, every robot in the game has its own special ability. These abilities range from a hoverboard to traverse courses quicker, gold balls that bounce higher compared to the combination, and much more. It is also worth destroying the city as it allows players to clear a path to the hole. This latter part is quite fun and never becomes boring whatsoever. Once again, the fun factor is determined by how you approach the game and what you expect from it.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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