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Accuweather VR Review – Experience Different Weather Conditions At Home

Slowly but surely, new applications are coming to virtual reality headset owners all over the world. The team responsible for creating AccuWeather has put together their VR version of this application, under the name of “AccuWeather – Weather for Life”. Time to delve deeper into this app and what it has to offer!

AccuWeather – Weather For Life Is Nifty, Of Sorts

One thing most people ask themselves is whether or not they need a weather app in the virtual reality environment. The Accuweather VR app makes a good case in this regard, as it is about much more than looking at still images depicting the current weather situation in your location. While users can still see a nice overview of their own region, the main selling point of this app is exploring other weather animations.

To be more specific, Accuweather – Weather for Life provides an option to experience different weather conditions. Ranging from stormy rain to thunderstorms and clouds to snow, everything is at your disposal in the virtual reality environment. Accessing these conditions can be done through the current daily forecast or by making use of the WeatherScape feature.

Moreover, the app also provides users 360-degree videos for users to enjoy. Every video displays different weather conditions, giving users an idea of what life would be like in such a scenario. Users can travel to locations with different weather conditions in a matter of mere seconds. A nifty feature, although it remains to be seen who will use it more than once in their lifetime.

Luckily, the AccuWeather – Weather for Life app is completely free of charge. Unfortunately, it is only accessible for Samsung Gear VR headset users right now. It is a very nice application that offers exactly what one would expect. Being able to determine weather conditions before leaving the house is always good, yet most consumers will use their smartphone for that information. All things considered, Accuweather -Weather for Life is a solid application, yet not necessarily something people will use every single day either.

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