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Apollo 11 VR – A Piece of History Well Worth Exploring

Apollo 11 VR is quite an interesting product to take note of. ┬áIt is a hybrid between a game and an educative experience. It is also developed by Immersive VR Education Ltd, which explains a thing or two. The product is available for PlayStation VR, yet does not require any Move controllers to play. Definitely one of the better educative “games” we have played in VR so far.

Apollo 11 VR is not Your Typical Game by any Means

Everyone should know about Apollo 11 and the mission it involved. It is the mission which finally put Man on the moon. In this VR game on the PlayStation VR, we go through eleven different scenes, all of which explain the story of how the Apollo 11 mission played out. Do keep in mind this is not your regular game, but more of an interactive experience. That doesn’t make ti less enjoyable, though, assuming you have any interest in history at all.

Players will experience everything from JFK’s speech to the launch sequence, moon orbit, and the return to Earth. Even though Apollo 11 VR doesn’t offer much interactivity, the controls are a bit tricky at times This is especially true when you have to dock the shuttle id flight, for example Then again, the software can do the job on your behalf if you find this too hard. On the audio side of things, Apollo 11 VR checks all of the right boxes. Every piece of music and communication is 100% authentic.

The visual experience, on the other hand is not easy to describe. Some parts of Apollo 11 VR are absolutely gorgeous, whereas others feel half-assed. This is especially true when it comes to human models, which are very badly done in our opinion. Then again, it is not a deal breaker by any means, as the main focus is on the content rather than the graphics. Exterior views are a bit disappointing, but nothing people will lose any sleep over.

One thing potentially holding Apollo 11 VR back is how there is zero reason to revisit it once you are done. That said, the price is well worth it, as the experience is several hours long. That is rather different compared to many other VR products we have seen recently, which are often completed in 90 minutes or less. We would certainly recommend PlayStation VR owners give Apollo 11 VR a try, as you will not regret your purchase.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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