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Arktika.1 Review – A Brilliant VR Shooter With Stunning Visuals

No one can deny there are many different types of VR games out there today. Arktika.1 is definitely one of the more interesting-looking VR games right now. Although it is still a shooter of which there are a dime a dozen, the game world looks a lot different from what we have gotten used to as of late. Plenty of action mixed with great graphics and an interesting story make for a pretty impressive VR shooter. The game is available for Oculus Rift at the price of $29.99.  

Arktika.1 Feels Like Metro Games in VR

Fans of the Metro games series will see some major similarities when booting up Arktika.1. If there was ever an uninviting world in VR, this would certainly be it. Moreover, everyone speaks with a Russian accent, which makes the correlation between these games even clearer. That being said, the story itself has nothing to do with this iconic series and stands on its own quite well.

If there is one gripe some people may have with the game, it has to be the teleportation system. Although teleportation locomotion is nothing new in the world of VR gaming, it seemingly limits the game in some aspects. At the same time, one has to applaud the developers for introducing a system that lets you jump to place with either little or a lot of cover available. It is a clever design once you get used to it, although it may turn Arktika.1 into a wave shooter at times.

Shooting enemies in Arktika.1 is extremely satisfying, and we can hardly picture a game in which it is done any better. Combine this is with the great visuals and graphics, and it becomes easy to see why this FPS will be appreciated by a lot of players. The audio sounds pretty solid as well and contributes to the immersive world we are playing in. Even the enemy AI is one of the game’s selling points, which is rather unusual when it comes to virtual reality and shooters.

Customizing guns can be done in many different ways. Players can choose different sights, torch attachments, and dual wield guns as well. While the story itself is not as strong as one might like, it is sufficient to keep players engaged and playing,m which is what matters most.The price you pay for this game is more than fair, as Arktika.1 provides plenty of entertainment and content.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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