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Attack of the Bugs Review – A new Spin on the Wave Shooter Genre

People who have a phobia of bugs may not necessarily want to put on a VR headset to pay Attack of the Bugs. We checked out the game on the HTC Vive and it is quite an interesting experience. For the repose of $7.99, there is some decent content to be enjoyed, and the game simply feels unique. It is well worth picking up for fans of strategy and FPS, as there are plenty of elements of both.

Attack of the Bugs is Surprisingly Fun

The title itself may not necessarily tell the whole story in this regard. One should never judge a book by its cover, and this is especially true when it comes to virtual reality gaming. In this particular game, your job is to collect items and slaughter waves of enemies. While this may make for a rather repetitive experience on paper, it is actually quite fun once you get the hang of things. Barring some glitches, it doesn’t even feel like most wave shooters either, which is rather uncommon in the genre.

The gameplay of Attack of the Bugs is pretty simple. There is a grappling hook to grab boxes in your room, which often contain useful items for later on. Grabbing the boxes works a lot better with the Vive controllers worked a lot better than one would imagine at first. Considering how this is a crucial element of the game, it is good to see the developers work on what can make or break their game.

Among the items you can collect are various types of weapons and gadgets. Deploying toy soldiers to shoot bugs is one of our personal favorites. It is good to see some elements of an RTS game incorporated into the wave shooting genre. There is even an option to craft items as well, including grenades, field troops, and even a flamethrower. It offers a good amount of variety, although it can still get repetitive during extended play sessions. It all depends on how much you like these aspects and whether or not you are willing to experiment quite a bit.

With 15 levels to play through and four different maps to explore, players get a good amount of content when purchasing Attack of the Bugs. Completing the game will take a few hours, depending on how you play and whether or not you replay levels to experiment with different items. Rest assured the difficulty curve in this game will ramp up quickly, as this is not an easy game whatsoever. It starts out pretty simple, but you will find yourself swarmed if you aren’t careful. The game just clicks for us and offers enough content to keep us engaged when there is nothing else to play.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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