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Battlezone Review – Addictive Tank Shooter With Some Frustrating Elements

Battlezone is one of those PlayStation VR games that immediately catches your attention. Older gamers will recall this name, as it used to be an Atari 2600 game back in the good old days. Tank shooters are not necessarily everyone’s favorite game type, but Battlezone is an absolute hoot. The online gaming component is rather disappointing, though.

Battlezone is Fun Although Sometimes Frustrating

When we are made aware of how there would be a tank shooter on the PlayStation VR, we were excited right away. Moreover, the game oozes a Tron-esque setting which will please a lot of players. Moreover, the game allows players to join up and form a party of four and blast their way through anything coming their way. On paper, there is nothing to dislike about Battlezone, but not everyone will enjoy the game thoroughly either.

Anyone who has ever played the original Battlezone will remember how the game goes. The PlayStation VR version is a lot more polished and the game just feels fresh. Both online and offline campaigns are available to players, although the offline experience was the better option for us when we played the game. What makes Battlezone so interesting is how all missions are generated randomly. Players must survive the mission, and they can choose from one of three different tank types.

Luckily, the game rewards players for advancing in the game by introducing new models of tanks over time. Additionally, there will be a lot more weapons to play around with as you progress throughout the campaign. It only makes sense for game developers to let players unlock more content this way.Upgrades can be paid for by earning currency, which is a reward for destroying enemies.

Sadly, Battlezone has its own set of frustrations These will be more apparent to some players compared to others, though. Boosting a tank makes you extremely vulnerable, which is not great. Additionally, new enemies spawn at your current location after completing a level’s objective. Not the best game design we have seen, to say the least. This somewhat forces players to mainly upgrade their shielding first, which is not a path everyone wants to take. Additionally, the randomness of every level also means you can have issues finding a supply point RNG is RNG, after all, but it can cause a serious amount of frustration.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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